Searching contacts across GAL and local address book at same time

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Sorry first post and its a question. We have a VIP user who wants to be able to search the gal and his personal contacts at the same time in outlook, specifically after clicking the "TO" button in an empty email. Obviously it defaults to the GAL and you can search and add users to the TO, CC or BCC fields. You can switch to his personal address book (or any other such as suggested contacts) via the drop down menu. I'm aware I can change the default address book that is selected.

He doesn't like this, and would prefer if you could search them all in one place. Although Outlook 2010 allows this via the "find a contact" on the home tab of the normal view it does not do this via the view I mention above.

I've searched google extensively and am struggling to come up with a solution, several sites suggest copying the contents of the Gal to his personal address book. This is not an option, it will fast become out of date and there are thousands of entries. I started looking down the route of a 3rd party tool to do this and found xobni which I installed and this does exactly what he wants as a "type ahead" if you type the names in the to field it returns not only GAL entries but also personal address book entries. The only issue is that you need the PRO version and for some reason its no longer available to buy.

So can anyone point me in the direction of another app that can do this in a similar fashion to xobni or have any suggestions on how this could be achived.



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RE: out of date GAL - new GAL entries wouldn't be added to contacts automatically (nor would former employees be deleted), but any changes to existing gal entries would be reflected on the contact. It's not perfect, but it may not be as bad as you thought.

Otherwise, i'm not aware of any way to do this.
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