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I have always used Outlook tasks to manage by work. I use individual tasks to capture a running history of a work item. The body of the task will include dates as a header and then comments re the status of the work. I also drag (move) any relevant emails to the correct section ie - filed by date. I also used to file word and excel docs in the same manner but have not done this for a while.

I have used tasks in this manner for over 20 years and never had a problem.

In the past few months I am finding that the email attachments are being re-arranged or going missing completely eg - something that was filed under 20th October now appears under 17th October. This is a disaster as I am losing information and the context of that information.

Does anyone know why this is happening? (and what can be done to fix it?)

I upgraded to Office 2010 ~ 6 months ago (used on the local network) but am still using Outlook 2007 via Citrix.

Everything is on one task if related to the same work item. Example - the task is to organise flights for team manager:
Flights organised. Attach confirmation email here
Searched web for cheapest flights => decided on Qantas. Booked flights and paid with Visa card
Received email from team manager requesting flight booking. Attach email here.

I don't think the emails were sorting in any particular order.
Are you syncing with a smartphone? That could cause the attachments to re-order.
No syncing. I haven't changed anything recently except to upgrade to 2010 on the local network. I do not know if there have been any changes by the IT dept that may have affected this.
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