1. GregS

    Outlook 2016 Too Many Archives

    In my Documents Folder, there is a 25 mb Archive file (.pst). Using the Open and Export command under the Outlook /File menu, I find the file, but when I click it I can’t open it. How can I make the main archive usable and send chosen documents to that archive? Seems conceptually simple, but I...
  2. Q

    Script to create a pst file for Archiving

    I would like to have a script to hand out to the users at our office that would create a "archive.pst" file under their ..\documents\outlook files\' folder'. It would be nice if the script could include the date of creation such as "1-12-17_archived_items.pst" or something similar. The...
  3. B

    Relocating archive.pst file

    My Outlook 2013 archive.pst file has grown to 13GB and I would love to free up that real estate on my hard drive. Does this file have to be accessible to Outlook all the time for the program to function properly? If I relocate it to a thumb drive will I have to keep the drive plugged into a...