Difficult Oulook Crashing Problem

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I've been wrestling for months with several problems of Outlook 2007 crashing, which I assume are probably related. I've already done extensive research and tried every fix I could find. Hoping someone has a new idea to try.

  1. If Outlook writes to the PST file, it becomes corrupted. Need to repair the file daily. Run scanpst typically 3-4 times until it reports no errors. The PST file is not accessed by anything but Outlook and scanpst (no third-party software corrupting it).
  2. Dismissing a calendar reminder crashes Outlook. Not dismissing a reminder sometimes crashes Outlook if the reminder window remains open for a long period (Outlook actively refreshes it).
  3. If the reading pane is open and the first message automatically viewed in a folder is a calendar appointment invitation message, Outlook crashes. If a non-calendar message is auto-opened and then the appointment message is selected, Outlook doesn't crash.

What I've tried:
  • Everything on the Microsoft web page: Outlook 2007: Troubleshooting Outlook Crashes http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2000071
  • Ran the stability diagnostic tool and OffCat (no problems found)
  • No malware; extensive checks.
  • All updates were originally current. There is actually evidence that part of the problem may relate to updates, so I rolled back all updates to roughly Fall 2013, when the problems started. The problems got progressively worse in recent months, to the point that Outlook would not load without immediately crashing even in safe mode. I reinstalled Outlook with minimal features enabled. It has been better but still crashes.
  • Starting in safe mode or with various command line switches for a clean start often helps temporarily. I suspect the benefit is from disabling the reading pane at start-up.
  • All plugins are disabled. The active email AV software is disabled.
  • Windows (7/64 Home) has been tested OK. No hardware or operating system problems have been detected.
  • The problem does not relate to the reminder chime (chimes fine and doesn't crash until later when the reminder is dismissed).
  • Outlook is not running in compatibility mode.
  • The user account has administrative privileges but Outlook is not opened with explicit administrative privileges.
  • This is a stand-alone computer (no server involved).

Outlook ran with no problems until roughly Fall of 2013. Heavy-duty crashing started a few months ago. I can think of no significant changes on the computer other than Microsoft updates.

Has anyone else experienced these problems or have a new idea on a solution? I'm close to ditching Outlook and trying something like Thunderbird.
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