Recommend add-on or utility enabling quick Google search within Outlook

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Title says it all: In Outlook (or any app for that matter) would like the ability to highlight text then right-click (or press a new toolbar button?) to search the web for the highlighted text preferably via Google. Nothing fancy, just a spiffy way to QUICKLY do web searches within Outlook and other apps.
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Here's an example of what I would like to have... OLgoog.png
It's certainly time to look at office 213 and see if it meets your needs - it has a lot of nice features you may like and need, but office 2007 isn't "too old" yet, and anyone who decides to keep using it is not being unreasonable - outlook 2003 is on the cusp of 'you should upgrade' and outlook 2002 and older is in the 'you should upgrade' bucket. My only recommendation is anyone who upgrades to Windows 8 should also upgrade from office 2007 or older. If you are using an older computer and older os, upgrading office is less important.

I'll take a look at that addin and see if it should be added to my database.
Thanks Diane. I'm sticking with Windows 7, so Office 2007 is fine for my needs. This free add-in, simuSearch (for Office), does the job, though it balked in Outlook at first, generated an error message requiring a couple of reboots before it finally "took"... seems to be fine now.

Ideal though, would be a one click "send to Google search" that would work on selected text in ANY app... perhaps via a Windows Tray icon
Been meaning to get back to you, Diane -- you've got me very curious about trying Outlook 2013 but it seems the only way to get it is to download the entire Office suite trial? Is that true? I'm happy with my other Office apps so would just like to try the newest OL.
They don't have a standalone Outlook trial and pretty much everything is click to run - so you can't even install only outlook from a suit. The nice thing about click to run is that core files are installed but the apps are not fully installed until you use them. Plus, you can use it side by side with older versions- you won't be able to have 2 outlooks open at once but can have both installed, which is a big change from previous versions.
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