Suggestions on ways to let apps create appointments in any user's calendar?

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Outlook 2010 32 bit
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Exchange Server

Our developers are creating an application using Exchange Web Services which is supposed to automatically insert appointments into any user's calendar, e.g., for their annual medical.

I know that we can give an account access to all users' Calendars using AddMailboxPermissions but can anyone suggest the "usual" way to do something like this?

My concerns are that obviously the application could be buggy and insert lots of appointments. On the other hand, the users themselves could see and remove the permissions to the application on their mailbox. Plus if they just delete the appointment, no-one knows about it. They don't want to create meeting requests because they don't want to give users a choice/handle responses.

We have written COM add-ins so I could periodically monitor a directory for iCal files and add them.

Lots of options - just wondering for advice on what people normally do. :confused:


- Alan.
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