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OUTLOOK 2013: When searching for someone using the "Search People" box, I will (only sometimes) get two results for the same name. One works, one doesn't. Here is an example. I cannot find any duplicates when looking within contact folders. Any ideas?


People Search 1.JPG

(same name):

People Search 2.JPG

One is from the autocomplete list - be glad you get two, i often only get the autocomplete list entry and it is very annoying when i cant find phone numbers or addresses from that search field.
Thanks for the quick response. Is there a way to edit or remove certain auto-complete entries? It can be annoying. For example, I'll type the name Bob Smith and I'll get my contact card. Then I'll type Smith, and I get only the E-mail Properties card for that same person and not my contact card (like I pictured at the beginning of this thread). I have to remember how to search for certain people! I want to remove the E-mail Properties card from showing in People Search.
When the entries come up, you can delete them - select and use the Delete key or click the X - you need to do this from a To field of a new message though. You can also clear the entire autocomplete list in File, Options. You can't keep outlook from adding the entry back the next time the person emails you and you reply.
This ONLY happens when using the Search People box in the Outlook toolbar. The names are NOT duplicates and do not show up more than once in the To field of a message. When I search Bob Smith in the People Search box, it will show 1 result. I click on it and it shows the full contact card. Then, I'll type Smith, it will show 1 result (even has the same contact picture). I click on it, and only get the E-mail Properties card. Same person, same picture, 1 result each time, different results. Good one, huh?
Right, it's only a problem in that field because the search includes the autocomplete list. I (and many others) find it annoying - I'm hoping they will change it.
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