Why doesn't outlook use "Normal" style for new messages?

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For at least 5 years now, Outlook's formatting of new messages has irritated me. By default it sets paragraph spacing to "Auto" (both before and after) which results in whitespace equal to a full line between each paragraph. Many posts on the web claim that one can control Outlook's default format in new messages through its "Normal" style, but this is *not* the case. My "Normal" style in Outlook has paragraph spacing set to "0 pt" before and after, and changes what I have writeen in new messages accordingly when I apply it. How can I get Outlook to respect my wishes for default message format?
It's working here. :) Try changing the default style. Click on Change Styles button then change the para spacing then set as default.

Understanding Fonts and the +Body Style (slipstick.com)

Thanks Diane. I didn't have to change the para spacing, since "Normal" style already had the desired spacing. It seems to have been sufficient to click "Change Styles - Set as default".
I thought it did - but have tweaked mine more than a few times and have no idea what the default is now.
Hi Diane, "Change Styles - Set as default" seems to have stopped working since I performed a fresh install of MS 365.
I'm not sure, but I think I was running Outlook 2016 before, IAC, I now have Outlook 2019 (presumably CTR).
I have used "Change Styles - Set as default" several times on various accounts for both replies and new messages.
At first I thought Outlook using the "Normal" style (Times New Roman) from "%USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Documents\Templates\Normal.dot" instead of the "Normal" style (Calibri) from "%appdata%\Microsoft\Templates\NormalEmail.dotm", even though I also have "%USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Documents\Templates\NormalEmail.dotm" which contains the desired "Normal" style (Calibri) as do both "%appdata%\Microsoft\Templates\Normal.dotm" and "%appdata%\Microsoft\Templates\NormalEmail.dotm".
However, even after deleting the templates from "%USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Documents\Templates\", I still get Times New Roman by default in new messages and replies, regardless of which e-mail account I use.
What is even weirder, when I apply the "Normal" style from the format menu in a new message or reply, I get the desired "Normal" style. (Calibri).
Where is Outlook getting the default of Times New Roman from?
Why isn't the "Normal" style also the default, even after I select a paragraph formatted as "Normal" and click on "Change Styles - Set as default"?
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