Changed Folder Structure; Outlook Doesn't Interact Properly Now

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Hi there,

I rely on external add-ins to search Outlook, particularly Xobni and NEO Email Finder.

I used to manually sort emails into some 50 folders, but in an effort to save me time, I decided to just delete everything and essentially simulate "archiving" as you would in Gmail. So now, it's either Inbox, Sent, or Deleted.

However, I've now learned that these other programs aren't showing these OLD items. Anything new that I delete will show up in these searches, though.

Any ideas? Have I done something wrong? Is deleting in Outlook the wrong thing to do?
I hope you aren't using the Deleted folder as an archive folder. :)

Did you rebuild the indexes? The apps may be looking for the messages in the old folder.

I have to confess -- I am very new to managing Outlook well. Should I not be deleting all messages? Is there an equivalent to "archiving" as I would in Gmail? Would I have to make a new folder and just dump things in there?
You should only be deleting messages you don't want to keep. Outlook has an archive feature but its better for really old mail, not just to keep the inbox clean.

In 2007, your easy options are limited - you can use Rules to move mail as it arrives then use the Unread search folder to read new mail. Or you can use VBA to move mail to a folder as you finish withi t - that would probably be the best option in older versions. I'll see if i can find some VBA samples.

Outlook 2010 added a feature called quick steps that is perfect for this but it won't help you.
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