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Hello all,

This is my first post and, indeed, my first Outlook custom form - please be gentle! I'm a complete newbie and my grasp of the jargon and conventions surrounding Outlook custom forms is non-existent. I also have zero coding experience. Zero. I am completely 'self-taught' and as a result, I know next to nothing.

So, I was tasked (unwisely - see above) to create a custom form for my department at work. The form is designed to be used by other teams to request tasks to be carried out by my team. To standardise the way tasks are requested (and to cut down on badly worded e-mail subjects), the form I created does away with the user-filled subject line and instead has several drop down boxes, which once complete, populate the subject field on the e-mail as it is received.

Everything works well and the subject field is populated as expected. However, the problem I'm having is as follows:

When a received message is opened via double click, and the resulting window is later closed, on closing an error message appears that reads:

"The properties of the message "…message subject…" have been changed. Do you want to save changes to this message"

I've had a reasonably extensive search around the web today and whilst there are others with this problem who've had their queries resolved, the solutions have been beyond my expertise/understanding. I know that something is being changed with the subject field, but I have no idea how to stop it or how to prevent the save message from popping up.

Any (simply worded) help would be hugely appreciated - even if it's only to provide me with an avenue of exploration. One reason I'm finding this so difficult to solve is because I lack the know how to accurately describe the problem or to locate a solution.

Please let me know if any further information would be useful in providing help

Thank you all very much in advance.

Diane Poremsky

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It's either nothing or the form is trying to update the subject...

The 'nothing' part refers to something that is outside of your control. One example is an HTML message that downloaded external content - you'll always get the message before closing because outlook sees a change. Some addins will trigger a similar error when absolutely no change is detectable. Short of disabling the addin or not downloading external content, you can't do anything to stop it.... just click No and go on.

Or... It might be seeing changes in the subject and you might be able to avoid it by tweaking the form. Can you post a copy of the form? Save it as a template (oft), change the file extension to txt and upload it.
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