Outbox Message Stuck after reading some MailItem Properties with VBA

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HI, Long time reader first time poster.

I've noticed reading almost any mailitem property for any item in the outbox which is queued to be sent (such as a message sent when Outlook is in Offline mode or when a user activates the delayed delivery option) willl remove that item from the queue and those items have to be sent again. So, two questions:

First, which properties can I read without unqueuing the send? I've already found that Subject, Sent, and UnRead can be read, but that I cannot read SentOn, Size and To even though they are displayed in the Explorer.

Second, is there some way that I can read the To, DeferredDeliveryTime or SentOn properties from MAPI that will not cause the queue removal?

I did try resending the item (calling the send method again) but there are sometimes prompts when sending (such as when resending an item that had a delievery delay time which has already passed) that may make that solution unacceptable.
For Each oItem In Outlook.GetNamespace("MAPI").GetDefaultFolder(olFolderOutbox).Items
    MsgBox "OK to read:" & _
        oItem.Subject & _
        oItem.Sent & _

    'Reading other properties, necessitates a resend:
    'MsgBox "Not OK to read:" & _
    '    oItem.Recipients.Item(1) & oItem.DeferredDeliveryTime & _
    '    oItem.HTMLBody & oItem.Attachments.count & oItem.EntryID & _
    '    oItem.Body & oItem.To & oItem.SentOn & oItem.Size & _
    '    oItem.ConversationID & oItem.Recipients.count & oItem.Saved
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