Emails Stuck In Outlook Outbox Happening Alot

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this is really starting to annoy me alot.
we have this problem with so many different organisations, emails stacking up in the outbox and wont send, it commonly appears to be when attachments are in place. the attachments are under 2-Mb.

so far i have tried

Rebuilding the Exchange Profile in Control Panel - NEW
Repairing the OST and PST files
Checking the SRS (send receive settings)
repairing the office program - repair, uninstall, re install.
Windows updates
Terminal server testing
different machine/computer
different profile.

so confused

picture/example attached


Diane Poremsky

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Outlook 2016 32 bit
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Office 365 Exchange
Doesn't look like it's getting marked as read - which is the common reason why messages don't send. Do you get any send and receive error messages?

This is a terminal server installation? Online mode is generally recommended with TS.

How easy is it to repro? Did you test it in Safe mode? (If it's hard to repro, it's harder to test in Safe mode. )

What antivirus do you use? Does it scan outgoing email? The scanner could take too long and cause Outlook to time out.
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