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I posted earlier this week about recipient getting multiple copies of an email I sent. I haven't gotten an answer. I think there is a problem with the outbox because now most messages I send get stuck there and keep trying to send. How can I fix this?
Yeah, I took off too much time over the christmas holiday... it's going to take me two weeks to catch up from these two weeks. (I'm taking most of next week off too.)

Does Outlook work in Safe mode? This will give us an idea if the problem is with an addin or something else.
What antivirus do you use? Addins installed by antivirus scanners are known to cause issues.
I don't think it works in safe mode. I tried that suggestion to delete it and it still wouldn't delete. My antivirus is Kaspersky. I turned off the scanning of outgoing mail because Someone suggested that somewhere when I was researching this. I can only delete it in "offline"
I was more curious if messages sent correctly and as expected in safe mode.

Did you get any error messages when you tried to delete it from safe mode? If you get an error about the message is sending, that is expected - you do need to use offline mode.
Oh I guess I wasn't clear; no the messages did not send at all in safe mode. No I didn't get any message when I tried to delete it in safe mode
I was more curious if messages sent correctly and as expected in safe mode.

Did you get any error messages when you tried to delete it from safe mode? If you get an error about the message is sending, that is expected - you do need to use offline mode.
Another thing I noticed previously; some time ago you suggested for another problem to run Scanpst.exe. I thought it wouldn't hurt to try this. When I looked in my Program Files Microsoft Office>Officexx; it comes up with Office 12 and Office 14. If I click on SCANPST.EXE I get a message that says it does not support my version of Office. I have Office 2007 and Publisher 2010. Would this have any bearing on the problem?
You need scanpst from Office 12 folders top work with outlook 2007.

What type of email account are you using?
I am using Microsoft Outlook. I did find more information on scanpst and ran it yesterday. It said there were a few minor errors. Today I was sending an Email link to someone and got an error messaging saying my antivirus (Kaspersky) was causing an error and should it turn the scanning off. I said yes. I had had already turned off scanning outgoing. It seems I have a problem forwarding to several people. I tried it just now and got an error message that the server had timed out and broke the connection. So I increased the server time out. I read that suggestion yesterday.
Did it work when you increased the time out?

Personally, I would disable email scanning and the scanner addin - they cause a lot of problems (and could be the cause here) and doesn't give you a lot of benefits. If you try to open an infected attachment, the scanner will pick it up at that point.
This is strange. I was sure it was settled. I forwarded 2 emails to 2 people. It went just fine. I thought I would try 3; I got the error again about timed out. So I increased the time again. Now I have one I sent to one person and it is stuck even though the "details" say completed. It doesn't show up in the sent box either.
Update, I had Outlook off for awhile then went back to try to forward something and no problem. But was sending to only one recipient.
Hmm. Does it always work with one or two, but fail on more? If so, the isp or email provider could be blocking multiple recipients. It's not unusual, but in most cases, they usually allow at least 5 recipients.
Yes it fails on more than two. I have only had the problem in probably the last month. Before that I usually could send more. But I also started to get the message that I had before saying "they were undeliverable because the address was invalid" It would say as many as 4 were invalid. I think you had me run the scanpst last year when that happened and it fixed the problem. I keep trying to think what is different in the last month that could cause this. I can't think of a thing.
Try scanpst again - but it's possible the isp (or your antivirus) is restricting outlook to no more than 2 recipients.
I finally had the time to run it again. There were just minor issues. I turned off antivirus email scan. Now I get an error message every time I open Outlook. lol Today it timed out with only 2 recipients?? I even moved the server timeout to 10 minutes. Could the fact that my husband is also using Outlook at the same time cause this? I didn't have a problem until the last couple of months though.
Could the fact that my husband is also using Outlook at the same time cause this?
If you are using POP3 and are sharing the mailbox, yes, it could be his fault. :) But I'm not sure the symptoms fit.

When an email client is connecting to a mailbox using POP3, it puts a lock on the mailbox so other mail clients can't access it. At least in the case of Outlook, it brings up the login screen. It should not prevent Outlook from sending messages with 3 or more recipients - it would only temporarily cause problems.

You can test it by shutting down his computer. :) If you can send mail, then it is his fault.

What you can do to reduce the effects: set outlook to check mail no less than every 7 and 11 minutes (7 on one, 11 on the other). Higher is better, use odd numbers. (Ctrl+Alt+S to open the send and receive dialog.)

FWIW, if you have outlook checking mail more frequently than 5 minutes, increase it to at least 5 minutes and see if it helps.
I just remembered we use different email addresses. We have a satellite dish connection. I will try right now since he is off; to forward something. I did set it to check mail less frequently now.
Hmm. It might be the connection - if it gets interrupted before outlook and the server are done talking, you could have problems. The higher timeout setting could help if this is the problem. It still seems weird that one recipient messages are ok but multi-recipients are not - so I'm not sold on the idea that the satellite connection is the problem.
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