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Hi. I'm using Outlook 2013/Office 365 on Windows 7. I like to answer emails while working offline so that I'm not distracted by incoming emails. Problem is, when I go back online, some of them leave the outbox and some don't. When I click the Send button, some go to the outbox with a date in the Sent column. Those will leave when I go back online. Some go with None in the Sent column. Those will not. Please advise. Thanks in advance.


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It looks like an addin is marking your messages read. Do you look in the Outbox before sending the messages? What addins do you have installed?
Thanks guys, checking this out now. How come it only happens for some messages and not others?
I think what might be happening is I hit send, then occasionally I reopen an email in the Outbox and modify it then hit Send again, and it gets stuck.
Your theory is one way it can happen. Before hitting send, switch folders so you aren't looking in the inbox.

When it happens to me, I either have the outbox open already or open it and the selected message (one message is always selected by default) is marked read. I had an antivirus plugin that was marking it read, but it looks like iCloud and onenote addins can be responsible.
Let me see if i can recreate this in a video. :) (First try failed, I don't have the right addins installed on my test system to trigger it. )

But basically, both of you are correct in your scenarios. You are looking in the Outbox for whatever reason and the selected message is marked as read - outlook always selects the first message in the list when you first open a folder. Oh, and it only happens if you are offline or aren't using send immediately.

Occasionally, an add-in will mark the message read without opening the outbox folder, but that is rare. In that case, you need to get rid of the add-in. For everyone else, stop looking in the Outbox. :)
yeah, i opened the offending email, then switched folders, hit send, and it sent!
As a FYI - just a few more posts and you can be on the top members list. :)
Haha! I'm sure there will be more than a few more posts from me...
Don't know how much help I'll be to others though.. All I have are questions!
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