Two Outbox's in 2007 but neither send

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I have two outboxes in my OL2007. I guess duplicated when importing my .pst file from OL2010 on W7.

However neither seem to be able to send the emails!
I have 'Send when connected' checked but no go.

Any suggestions as to where to start looking for a solution?

Many thanks


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the one at the same level as the inbox is the right one (the position - at the same level as inbox - and the icon identify it as the 'right' one).

Any error messages? Do incoming messages download ok?
Hi Diane. Thanks for the reply. The inbox with the 'arrow icon' - which is the lower one - is the right one and the upper one is the one that I imported? Looking at it I also have 2 inboxes, 2 junk emails, 2 sent items and 2 RSS feeds :(.

I do not get any error messages when trying to send, they just sit there. When I close OL I am advised I have emails waiting to be sent and do I want to close.

I would be quite happy to start again, deleting OL 2007 and reinstalling, but am not sure if this would work or is my best option. Any advice you can give would be really helpful. I am using W7 & OL2010 until I get this resolved....
Yeah, the ones with the pretty icons are the defaults, the folders that are under the inbox were imported. You can delete any of the folders under the inbox that you don't need or move mail into the default folders.

It's pop3 - i would remove the pop3 account and add it back. Make sure you select this pst when you add the account. (Outlook 2007 might use it by default.)

Before you remove the account, it is worth checking the outgoing settings in tools, accounts - is the server correct? Then go to more settings, outgoing settings and advanced tab. Verify they are correct. You should get an error if they aren't, but confirm they are correct.
Checked the Accounts, and sent a test message from each of my 3 accounts. All were successful and all arrived in my lower inbox.
I then tried to send an email from one account to another, I have done this before to test settings without a problem. However this time I got the following error message so something is incorrect somewhere!


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Must have been a corrupt file, I closed all programs then ran sfc\scannow from an admin command prompt. restarted OL2007 and hit F9. Emails disappeared from my outbox and appeared in my sent folder :)

Sorted :D

Don't fear, I will be back......:eek:
For whatever reason, sfc /scannow seems to fix a lot of outlook issues these days. Did it find any files to fix?
Hi Diane.
Scannow did find errors which were then reported as repaired. I did look at the Log file but it did not make much sense to me. It is now access denied so cannot even copy it here for you to check over, sorry.
That's fine - was just curious.
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