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How can I change file as properties to file Last, Name and a custom field I desire. Seems like it will only bring in company field. I set up a custom form years ago and want to tweak this it has always bothered me.
that's very complicated...I didn't know you responded to my post here. I sent you on on Facebook also.

I have to do complicated programming to do this?
No, the macro is mostly ready - you just need to change one line.
I understand the concept of copying and pasting that into the VB editor, but this is what I want to achieve:

How can I set up the File As field to use Last Name, First Name (Custom Field I setup) instead of using Company field. This is only in the custom form I setup not my default contact form. I just want to use a different custom field instead of the company field. If you get this message I appreciate your help. Thanks Jeff Wolowiec

This is really the only customization in Outlook I want to do...just be able to use a different field then "company" to use in file as.​

So you only want to change it for people whose contacts use a specific form, not all contacts? You'll need to use VBA, as outlook doesn't let you change the fields it uses.

The format in VBA would look like this:

strFileAs = .LastNameAndFirstName & " (" & .customfield & ")"

But you also need to check for the form type - I don't have that code committed to memory though and will need to write it. :) Or use the code sample we have the works on selected contacts - although I would still prefer to check for form name as insurance.
BTW, if I misunderstood and everyone uses the new form, then nevermind. :) Either way, it is possible only if you use VBA.
LOL....why can't Outlook or Microsoft be as easy to program as MACs or Filemaker? Outlook would be such a better product if it was more intuitive. I get what you are trying to say...and I will attempt it. But you must you admit it shouldn't be this complicated to work on a form. Do I put the custom field's name in the parenthesis and yes I only use this form for certain contacts? I own a funeral home...just easier for me to sort by a custom field "Name of Deceased" instead of using "Company" field. Thanks for your help. BTW would I only add that line of code? and do I open the VBA editor?
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