Rule for "on behalf of" - with changing names


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id like to make a rule for emails received "on behalf of" but the names are different everytime.
I have found Rule to sort out “on behalf of” messages - but it wont work for my situation, because right after on behalf of there is a name mentioned again and everytime different one.

for example
Peter Bole <>; za uživatele; Peter Bole <info@thisemail.test>
Jacob Teler <>; za uživatele; Jacob Teler<info@thisemail.test>
(za uživatele - on behalf of)

Thanks for help,

Diane Poremsky

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shoot - I forgot to set up a test to see what could be possible. i think you will need to use a macro to do it - my thought is we will need to compare two properties and if different, its on behalf. I don't know if this will result in "false positives" for newsletters etc.