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I created a number of rules based on senders, I have 40 so far, I counted them because I just reviewed each of them.
The reason I reviewed them is that, in the folder for SENDER A came two unrelated mails, from SENDER B and SENDER C
As yet, I have created no rules for B or C
I wonder if there is a way to see why these messages have been sent to this folder instead of remaining in the inbox
for the time being I have left them in this wrong folder

the particulars are extremely different for the 3 senders
been using rules in outlook 2007, never had such mix up !!!
wonder if you have met this before in outlook 2016.... :confused:
Outlook doesn’t keep a log. Without seeing all of the rules and the specifics, it’s hard to say. If it happens frequently, add category to the actions and assign a category based on rule name. That will tell you which rule.

How many rules move to the same folder and how do those rules read?
I don't really understand what you write about adding category or assigning a category - I'll read about that
I use outlook in a very simple way, just receiving and sorting out my mail (deeply regret outlook express !!)

today even more mails from different senders end up in the SENDER A folder which is assigned to ebay
I see that I had to create 2 rules for ebay, which I do not really understand since all the mails from ebay in the folder have been sent from "eBay <>"

but it's not possible to view the details of the rule (what hides behind "from eBay")

I guess I'll remove these 2 rules for the time being and hope that outlook will not select some other folder as an inbox...
what do you think ?

if you double click on Ebay, does it show you the address? (double click on the address link in the dialog in your screenshot, then again in the next dialog to see the address.) My guess is either they use 2 slightly different addresses or you added it twice.


Add a category to the rule - if the category is not added, something else is moving the message.

thanks for your answer, I feel quite clumsy but I don't find the windows you show :

1 - if I click on eBay in "Rule description" it opens a "Rule Address" window which shows my contacts (eBay is not in my contacts)

2 - email properties looks quite different here :

3 - the mail from outlook forum got in the eBay folder even though I had already created a rule for these - so I added category to the rule and I guess I'll have to do this for all my rules, this is quite time consuming but of course, I learn more about outlook as I dig into all this !


and hopefully, once it's properly done I will not need to fiddle with it further.... :rolleyes:
make sure you use stop processing on each rule - do that with at least the ebay rule. also, try moving the ebay rule down the list - they are triggered in the order they are listed and it can help to change the order.

if you double click on outlookforums in your rule, the address book should open - then double click on the address again - it should open the dialog screen with the underlying address.
if you double click on outlookforums in your rule, the address book should open - then double click on the address again - it should open the dialog screen with the underlying address.
got it ! thanks !
I am going to review it all with the infos you gave me
already the mail from outlook forums went in the correct folder :)
I'll observe for a number of days... and let you know !
Thanks, Diane, for all the precious light you cast for me on this subject - I seem to have things work as they should !!! :cool::cool:
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