A plug in (or method) to keep email message formatting after it expires


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Hi All,

As most of you would already be familiar, a number of emails contain some or a lot of features that download from the server each time you open the message to read it.

When these downloadable features expire (say if I want to read an email message a year later), the formatting of the email will be missing photos or other links, making it incomplete, or at the very least, missing formatting or other items.

Is there a method or perhaps a third party utility that will take a snap shot of the email when it is first viewed, so that I can read it again years later, and still have a complete and visually pleasing version of the email to refer to? Say something that downloads the full message, and allows it to be fully viewable offline?
I don't recall a plug in that would download and keep the files - they are downloaded into the browser cache and loaded when you open the message. You could use file > Save as > html and save everything as an html file. Or print to pdf. If you also need the original message, save it too.

I don't recall if anyone published vba that would do it - it would edit the message to embed the file as an attachment.
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