Outlook Contact Scroll bar direction - can it be changed?

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I got an interesting one, maybe...

My boss calls me down to tell me that his contacts should be scrolling up and down, not left to right. I see he has his contact view in "Card" so I say, "Oh, you're looking for Business Card". To which he says "No, it's the card view, but it should go up and down, it always has."

I'm pretty sure when I stopped by his desk the other day, it was in business card view, which is the default for our setup. So it was scrolling up and down. I've done a lot of online research and changing scrolling directions is not even coming up. From what I see, the view you choose dictates the direction in which you scroll. Business card, Phone and List scroll veritically while Card view scrolls horizontally. I'm hoping I'm wrong and there is away to change the direction in which it scrolls. And I'm hoping somebody on this forum can share that information because I'm striking out.

Any ideas? If the direction itself can't be changed, can the business card be made to look like the card view? Add\Delete fields?? That doesn't seem possible as the options available for the View Settings of the business card view are different from the card view.

This is for the President of the company so any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for getting back to me. No, we don't use BCM. Just Outlook. Does anybody happen to have any validation from MS about the direction of the scrolling for the different views? Something concrete in writing is the most I can hope for unless somebody has a trick to change the scroll direction.
I'm not aware of anything that specific - probably can find screenshots on Microsoft.com with the scrollbars though.

While the views really aren't similar, if you don't customize any business cards, they are both a blob of gray, especially if the zoom is adjusted.
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