Cannot access fields at bottom of Outlook 2013 Contact Rec.

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Hopefully this has not been addressed in another thread. (I searched for it but could not find a similar thread).

Using Outlook 2013 on Win 8.1 computer.

When I open a Contact record, I cannot scroll to fields "off screen" to the bottom of the current view. That is, there is no scroll-bar on the far-right to access fields that are off-screen. I can gain a couple of records by pulling the lower edge of the window down with my mouse... but eventually I run out of "real estate" and can go no further.

This is VERY frustrating because I can no longer access fields that were created for contacts on my previous computer running Win7 and Access 2010.

I also cannot create or modify any fields (even for newly created records) which are located below the current window view. I just can't get to them!

It's not a matter of causing a few extra keystrokes to get to them... I can't get to them at all!

I'm attaching a screenshot to demonstrate what I mean.

Please help. Thank you!


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It's not fixed. The form needs a min. of 700'ish in height with the ribbon expanded, 600'ish with it closed. You should be able to get into the address field (just a line or two) if you turn off the people pane and minimize the ribbon. Changing the screen resolution can help too.
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