Day count in rules gets changed in Office for Mac 2011

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Outlook 2011 for Mac
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This issue seems to affect only Outlook for Mac users. Windows Outlook treats age differently as far as I've been able to tell. I'd like to know if others have seen this. I tried to set up a rule to process old stuff. I made the only criterion be select on received older than xxxxx days. For the day count, I filled in 1825. I noticed when I typed the number that a comma was inserted after the "1". When I applied this rule to the contents of a test folder, everything was selected and processed. I went back and looked at the rule. The comma and all following digits were gone, leaving "1 day". I experimented with editing the rule and found that the comma is always inserted if the number exceeds 999. The comma cannot be deleted. When the rule is saved, the comma and everything following it are stripped. This seems inapropriate.
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