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Hi All,

Sorry if this has been covered previously, but I have looked and cannot find it.

I am using Office 2010 (all components).

I am doing a mail-merge using a Word document as the document to be sent and An Excel sheet contains the recipients to be merged. Currently this is a test run, which means that some of the email addresses to which I am sending the document are email accounts on my machine. That's all fine and no problems have been encountered setting it up to run. However, there are a couple of anomalous events happening when I get to the Outlook Send/Receive phase, as follows:

1. The mail-merge inserts the requested emails to be sent into my Outbox. That's fine. When I press F9, thereby executing a Send/Receive All, the Send/Receive count displayed in the task bar is incorrect. So far, over a few runs, it has been incorrect in two different ways. The first way is that when I am sending three messages it gives me a count of six. This would be correct if all three messages were being sent to accounts on my outlook, but that is not the case. Two of them are , but one is being sent elsewhere. Therefore, I would have thought the count would have been five, i.e. three sent and two received. The second strange message count is that it generates a count which just seems plain wacky. It may be nine, or seventeen, or some other unfathomable number. Any ideas what is going on, please?

2. Sometimes when I press F9 it executes a send/receive, gives me a message count, but nothing arrives in my inbox. Until I press F9 again.

The correct emails arrive at the correct destination, so the above behaviour is confusing rather than harmful, nonetheless I would prefer that these anomalies didn't happen.

I am at a loss to explain any of this so any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks.
1. if you have 6 outgoing emails the count should be six. Doesn't matter who they are going to - its the total being sent.

Now... outlook 2010 is know to count wrong if you have more than one email account configured it may multiply the outgoing count by the number of email accounts. If you have 2 accounts and it says sending 1 of 6 when it should be 1 of 3, then its this bug. This was fixed in an update so if you have the phantom counts you need to check for updates.

2. Is there anything on the server to download? When outlook does a check, it gets the new mail count from the server - the mail you send to yourself at the same time won't be ready to download until the next session.
Thank you for your very clear and helpful reply, Diane. Now I know what's what. Best regards.
Actually, Diane, now that I think about it the count of six still doesn't make sense to me. I am not sending six. I am sending three and receiving two of those three. Therefore, it seems to me that the count should be five. Sorry if I am being dumb.
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