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Hello Members

I have a basic network, and MS Exchange knowledge for the charity I work for.

Let me first explain the setup we have, there are 7 user accounts on our domain, each user has there workstations which run the os Windows 8.1, the server is Windows Sever 2010, they use Outlook 2013.

The issue, or question I have is, some staff users will allow there inbox to build with unopened emails, so my manager is wondering if there is a way to have a realtime counter, of all the staff user's accounts inbox read & unread emails.

I am aware that any users account can be added to my managers Outlook account, but that would mean she would be able to read and see other people's email, which she does not want to do.

If possible it would just be a simple counter displaying the all the network user's names, just there inbox email quantities, showing read & unread emails.

Is this possible, how can it be done.

Both my manager, and I are administrators of the network.

Any ideas, or help, or software (freeware would be great), we can also purchase software through the tt-exchange if they have it.

Kind regards
You would need to script something in PowerShell and run it on the server. Keep in mind that the read state is meaningless - it doesn't mean the person read or didn't read a message, it just means they didn't mark it as read. (I only mark them read as I finished with a message. )
Hello Diane

Sorry for the delay in replying, and thank you very much for your help, and advise.

I would like to mention that I have no experience in scripting, or using powershell, and would appreciate any pointers on how I could go about attempting this myself.

I understand if it's asking alot from yourself, and am just grateful that there is a possibility in creating something.

Kind regards
Do you know what version of Exchange server you use?
I know you can get total messages in folders using Get-MailboxFolderStatistics

This creates a text file of mailbox stats:
Get-Mailbox | Get-MailboxFolderStatistics | Where {$_.Name -match “Inbox|Sent Items|Deleted Items|Junk E-Mail”} | Select Identity, Name, ItemsInFolder | Export-csv c:\temp\MailboxItemCount.csv

There are instructions at https://social.technet.microsoft.co...1/getting-unread-item-count-for-a-single-user that work for a single user. A link on the page goes to a script that will do it for all users.
Thanks again Diane, I'm afraid don't no what version of MS Exchange server we are using, but I can find out on Monday, and post back then.

Again, thank you for the links and the command info.

I gather our ES info and come back.

Hi Diane, I just wanted to report that our Exchange Server is 2010
Version 14.02.0387.000.

I hope you could kindly give me some further practical advise , with regards to actually doing a script command for an example users email, say the user's email is johns@example.org.uk, there user account username is johns.

So, given the info about, how would this be written into the coming that you provided to me earlier.

Thanks for an help
Kind regards
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