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BT Yahoo recently completed a maintenance which included an email sub account. for sometime when downloading emails this account failed when trying to import them into OL 2010, it was logging in to my BT account (Completed) but returned a popup error asking for my username and password each time it tried to import. I thoroughly checked my account details and they were correct. Anyway a day or so ago I noticed the error had stopped appearing but I did not receive any emails into OL.
I logged into and checked on my accounts on the BT website and noticed emails seem to have been downloaded but did not show up in OL.
I then noticed that I was receiving Desktop Alerts for this account (Which is a sub not primary and not my default account), if I clicked on one of the alerts the email opened but did not appear in my OL inbox.
To be honest I never knew about the Desktop Alerts until I saw one and only found out it existed a today!

What should I do to make sure that OL downloads correctly and shows the emails in my inbox. I see these are just another way of notification so do not see why they do not appear as actual emails. I had a friend of mine sent me 4 emails, all four appeared as Desktop Alerts but they do not show up anywhere I can find.

Good news, sorted it out myself, when I was trying to re-enter my login details I must have deleted my sub account in OL 2010 and then re-instated it not realising that OL would make a new .pst folder. I checked in OL File Accounts for the file location and changed the new file name back to my main account file name and re-named the new XX.pst file to old XX.pst

Re-opened OL and all seems fine.

Until next time folks ;)
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