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I just registered here. Thank you for this wonderful resource. This must be the only forum where my username wasn't already taken. Now there are none :)

For whatever reason, photos aren't displaying anymore in my desktop alerts. I've disabled all rules, regenerated the ± 27 kb photos in PS, enabled and re-enabled alerts in Options, restored my registry backups as well as my disk image, all to no avail. I guess that leaves my PSTs. I don't use many photos and admittedly it's not a vital feature, but I'd like to find a solution nonetheless. Besides, anything's better than a blank placeholder.

Many thanks!
What was I thinking - I meant the problem is with New Mail notifications, not Desktop alerts.
Thanks for your reply. Up until a few days ago my contact images were definitely displaying in New Mail notifications in Outlook 2013. Here's a screenshot:

I don't recall seeing that before - mine are all gray.... so i tested it this morning and cool, i see my picture. :) I think i took it from you. LOL.

Is it solid gray or do you have a picture placeholder head where the picture should be?

In File, Options, People do you have Show pictures enabled?

Do you use lync or Skype?
cool, i see my picture

Now I'm sooo envious :) Thanks for your suggestions. The problem occurred previously when I didn't have Lync installed, but I do have Skype. So today I tried signing out, exiting and uninstalling it. I also uninstalled all Lync updates that came through when Lync wasn't installed. Still just a blank placeholder :( I believe you're right that this issue is related to one of these two apps. Next I'll try restoring a clean disk image.

I know this seems trivial but I don't like it when something goes awry. And the pics tend to elevate the fact that one is dealing with real people. I like it :)

Thanks again,

Just to add that during the course of uninstalling Skype and the Lync updates I repeatedly reapplied the user photograph setting in Options > People. No go.
Are you signed in to linkedin, facebook? Do you have contact photos for the people who don't have them?

I think the reason mine disappeared was because outlook disabled the social connector. I enabled it and the pictures came back. If you see the people pane at the bottom of the view or can turn it on on the View tab > People pane, then it's enabled.
Hello Diane. Many thanks for your reply and suggestions. Still no success :( I'm not signed into any social networks and all my settings are correct. In addition I restored my backup Office registry keys as well as installed Outlook on a clean image with a new PST. Still no pics. Sure is baffling, but I haven't given up yet :)

All the best
Do you have a contact for the people sending you mail and do you have a picture assigned to it? Outlook needs a picture source - here is gets them mostly from my global address book (we use exchange)
Thanks for not giving up either :) It's the photos I have specified in my contacts that are no longer displaying. I'm not on exchange, but everything was working fine before.
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