Identifiying who changed or updated an appointment in Exchange 2007

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Is there anyway of identifying who changes a calendar appointment in Exchange?

One of my clients uses shared calendars as resources (meeting rooms) to schedule appointment. Occasional an appointment is changed or deleted.

The question is "whodunnit"?

Thanks for our help.


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No, not really. Outlook will show who created an item in the Organizer (From) field and sometimes you'll see the name of the last person who edited the item listed in that field, but it doesn't have a change log so the name in the Organizer field is not necessarily the one who made a specific change - its just the last person who touched it.

Use a list view (like All Appointments), right click on the row of field names and choose Field Chooser - find the Organizer or From field (same field, different name depending on which folder type) and drag it to the row of field names.


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The organizer/from field won't show who modified the event, at least not in current versions. I dont recall if it did in older versions.
you mean in the latest version like 2010 there will be no such thing

Diane Poremsky

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Right - in Outlook 2010, the organizer field lists the person who created the appt, not the last person who edited it. I forget how it worked in older versions, but i think it showed the last person to edit the appt.


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you mean in the latest version like 2010 there will be no such thing


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In Outlook 2010, isn't the field "lastmodifiedby" or "modifiedby"? It must be a field because the data shows when you open an entry and look in the bottom right. It'd be fantastic to create a view of only entries modified by person x! Any help welcomed!!!

Cathy Rhone

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Do you see that in all calendarS? AFAIK, that field is only visible when you view a shared calendar, not your own calendar.
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