Calendar Appointments move when Computer Time Zone changed.

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Hello! I will be living in multiple countries over the next few years and have problems in Outlook for Mac 2011 when changing the computer time zone when I move.

What I want:

1. When I enter an appointment in Calendar I want it to stay at the time I enter it. (I also want all historical appointments to remain at the time entered).

2. Email times, appointment alarms etc to reflect the time zone I am actually in.

If I change the computer time zone then all appointments ever entered move to different times.

If I don't change the computer time zone then everything in 2. above is wrong.

Is there an option to fix items in the Calendar at an "absolute time"?

This must surely be a very useful option for many people that travel a lot.
Outlook does every thing in UTC and displays local time based on the time zone offset chosen in the os.

I guess whether an absolute time would be useful to travelers depends on the person and the appointment. When someone sends me a meeting request for noon their time, I want it on my calendar at the correct local time, not pinned to noon everywhere. If I have a reminder to take pills at 8AM and 5 pm daily, I might want to stick to my home schedule because meds usually should be taken at the same time every day, or I might want to take them at the same point in my day. If I have reminders to do something at 10 am every day (like check a website), time may not matter, unless I'm following the stock market...

1. Sorry, that is not how Outlook works (Mac or Windows). The appointments are based on a time zone and adjust as you adjust the computer time zone. All day events will stick to the day in Outlook 2010 (Windows), I'm not sure how all day events work in Mac and my mac is at home so I can't double check.

If you are creating appointments for a specific time in a specific time zone (10 AM, Paris), you need to make it for the correct local time (ie, 1 AM Pacific). Dang, wish I had my mac here to see if it has the time zone selector like windows versions: enter 10 am as the start time, select the paris tz and save. That makes it so much easier to get appointments right.

2. The sent/received times will reflect the current time zone setting on the computer. Ie, if I send an email at 12 PM ET and change my computer to pacific time, the sent time will be 9 am.

Flag reminders should be relative to the start date or due date. Calendar reminders are based on 'before the start' so they will move with the appointment as you change zones.

In outlook for windows, we have a dual time scale so we can show two time zones on the calendar. I forget if Outlook for mac has that - but if it does, that's what we recommend travels use to reduce some of the confusion.
Thanks for the advice Diane.

I certainly understand that there are examples where a floating time could be useful, but of course there are also examples where a fixed absolute time could be useful, e.g.:

1. I am in Australia and am going to France on business. I have agreed with my client in France to have a meeting at 3pm. Under the current system I would have to enter the meeting at 11pm in Australia so that when I get to France and change the computer time zone the meeting will appear at the correct time. I will have to remember to add / deduct the correct number of hours each time I look ahead at my schedule for all my meetings.

2. I have booked a round-the-world ticket and have a flight itinerary covering 12 different countries (and more time zones). I receive my itinerary with all flight departures and arrivals shown in local times. Under the current system I have to work out all the adjustments to these times before entering them in my calendar, and then as I travel and adjust my computer time zone only one flight at a time is shown at the 'correct' local time. As I look ahead in the calendar I constantly have to make mental adjustments to the times of future flights (this is proving to be a nightmare!!)

3. Taking your example of pills - it might be more useful for some to be reminded to take their pills before breakfast and dinner, say, rather than have a reminder at 4am whilst they are asleep because that happens to coincide with the time they took their pill in their home country...

Regardless of examples of when it would be useful to at least have the option to select an absolute time, what I understand from you is that this is impossible?
One other thing - about a year and a half ago I developed an unexplained allergy, and I set up a separate 'Calendar' to record the details to help the doctor to see at what times of the day what types of reactions were occurring, to see if a pattern could be established. Of course now that I have moved round different countries each day's entries are now at completely different times. Is there anything I can do to get these records back to the times that I entered them?
Is there a way to set the time zone to "Local"?

So if one wants a calendar event for Breakfast every day at 7am, this would stay at 7am even when changing time zones.

One work around would be to have local calendars for each time zone one spends time in and put the events one wants relative to the local time there. Anyone have a more elegant solution? Or if MS is listening LOCAL TIME ZONE! Just let me select that as my time zone and then always keep the event at that time.
no, that is not an option, although it is a popular request. All day events in Outlook 2010 and 2013 don't use time zones but hourly appt do.
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