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I've been reading the forums for a few weeks now via tapatalk and there is some great information here! I figured I would try one of my own questions. I had a user ask me today if there is a way to setup an appointment in a calendar and add notes to that appointment without allowing all attendees to see those notes. For example: Lets say you had a meeting with a vendor and the 3 people in your department need information about this vendor in the calendar appointment so they can see it when they view that item but you don't want the vendor to be able to read your notes about them even though they are in the attendees list.

Any suggestions?

Diane Poremsky

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In a meeting request, send the meeting then add notes to your copy - Outlook should not ask to send updates when editing the notes field. Deletes who open the meeting from the organizers calendar will see the notes.

You can't add notes to some copies of the invite - if you want internal people to have notes without looking at the calendar, you'd need to send them an email or forward the meeting to them after adding the notes. For this you'd invite all the outsiders / people who won't see the notes - then add notes and save, then forward to internal members who can see the notes. If you update the meeting times etc that require updates, you'll need to remove the notes from the body before sending the update, then add the back and save.