I recently changed my pop3 email to an imap - question on folders

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I recently change my pop account in Outlook 7 to an imap. I see we get another root folder which is listed as my email address. I have many folders organized in outlook from the pop account that has many rules backing them up. Is there a way to move those folders and rules to the imap side? I understand the server at my hosting account is where sync happens.

I run a construction company and have many owners, projects that I keep separated in /folder/files . It will be a real chore to rebuild it.

I use ipads (2), iphone and google calanders.

That is another question.... We have 3 gorilla's out there and more growing. MS, Google and Apple all compete for our cloud time and data. Its difficult to get an all-in-one. MS was late in the phone biz, Apple is propriety and works with PCs like russia did with US in cold wars. I like open face products and purchase what works. I love Outlook as it is by far the best email client and contact record available. If there is a good way to sync google I would like to know. I'm not hung on my hosting ( website) to be able to do (sync) all this.

Please forgive the chatter. Any viewpoints or answers are greatly appreciated.

Not a geek, wish I was!

Me again. Just wondering about the pop account with all the rules and folders. I was thinking I could have the pop account and the imap account in outlook. Does anyone know if there is a way to sync those accounts in outlook. What ever I do in the pop accounts would update in imap?
On the rules: You can export the rules then switch to the imap account and import but you will need to repoint rules to the correct folder. You can move/copy the folders (or the mail in them) that are in the pst used by pop3 to the imap account.

You can have both pop3 and imap in outlook - and they can both be for the same account. While it doesn't make sense to use both (for the same account) all the time, it is useful under some circumstances.
On the gorilla's - Microsoft and apple work good together, i presume apple and google work good together... the problem is putting all 3 together.

I would seriously consider Office365 hosted Exchange - with a business like your, an enterprise level plan could be very beneficial. Outlook will work great with Exchange, you'll have your entire mailbox available everywhere, sharing calendar and contacts with others in your company is easy and its possible to share with people outside the company. And it syncs well with the apple devices, over the air, no addins needed. Some of the plans include SharePoint which is great for file share and things like that.

That said, there are some sync utilities that work with google accounts - See the tools section at Configure Google Gmail Accounts in Outlook - Slipstick Systems. There are two additional tools in the works that will sync with google - they should be released soon.
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