1. S

    Combination Field (Date Format)

    Using Outlook 365 I have a custom form that I am using a Combination field. I am combining these values together. I am bolding [Renewal Expires] in this thread as it relates to my question. [Program Purchased] / [License Type] / [Renewal Expires] / [Serial Numbers] / [Renewal Cost] For example...
  2. R

    Why doesn't outlook use "Normal" style for new messages?

    For at least 5 years now, Outlook's formatting of new messages has irritated me. By default it sets paragraph spacing to "Auto" (both before and after) which results in whitespace equal to a full line between each paragraph. Many posts on the web claim that one can control Outlook's default...
  3. J

    Tasks - the missing link... for me at least.

    Hi all I love Outlook Tasks. I customize the list view all sorts of ways to suit my needs and run it alongside my calendar to great effect. The only thing that has continued to bug me in not being able to edit in the reading pane - is there still no solution to this? And now a new desire...
  4. O

    Folder Pane problems

    1) The shortcuts listing at the top of the folder pane has disappeared--how do I get it back? 2) The folder listing is double-spaced, so it show half as many folders as I'd like. Is this fixable? I'm running Outlook 2016 under Windows 10 Pro x64
  5. cabinet guy

    permanent response in html

    I use outlook 2007. In my online business, I send quotes via email and need to use underlining with almost every email. I get an email, and when I reply, the format is in default text mode which does not include underlining. I have to them go to "format text" click "html" then go back to my...
  6. Dr. Demento

    Outlook output to array -> Excel & re-format

    In using an awesome sub by Greg Thatcher (found here), it does a great job at extracting the information, but the output leaves much to be desired. I'm wondering if someone could help in two ways: 1) point me the the direction where I could write the output first to an array (for...