VB script in outlook form doesn't work anymore

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Outlook version
Outlook 2016 32 bit
Email Account
Office 365 Exchange
I used the following script for years in a customized outlook form to populate a combo box with outlook contacts. This worked fine until a couple of months ago. Now it doesn't work anymore.

Sub Item_Open()

Dim FullArray()

' Sets the name of page on the form (Termindetails)
Set FormPage = Item.GetInspector.ModifiedFormPages("Termindetails")

' Sets Control to a list box called ComboBox1.
Set Control = FormPage.Controls("ComboBox1")

' Get the default Contacts folder
Set ConFolder = Application.Session.GetDefaultFolder(10)

' Get the items in the folder
Set ConItems = ConFolder.Items

' Create a restrict filter
strFilter = "[Journal] = 1 "

' Just get those contacts with a Journal entry
set colResItems = ConItems.Restrict(strFilter)

' Sort the contacts based on LastName
colResItems.Sort "[LastName]"

' Get the number of total items in the Contacts folder
NumItems = colResItems.Count

' Sort the contacts based on LastName
' ConItems.Sort "[LastName]"

' Resize array to handle total number of item in the folder
ReDim FullArray(NumItems-1,4)

' Loop through all of the items in the Contacts folder,
' filling the array with sample data and keeping track
' of the number of contacts found.
NumContacts = 0
For I = 1 to NumItems
Set itm = colResItems(I)
If Left(itm.MessageClass, 11) = "IPM.Contact" Then
NumContacts = NumContacts + 1
FullArray(NumContacts-1,1) = itm.LastName
FullArray(NumContacts-1,2) = itm.User1
FullArray(NumContacts-1,3) = itm.CompanyName
FullArray(NumContacts-1,4) = itm.User2
End If

' Set the control to handle 4 data columns
Control.ColumnCount = 5

If NumItems = NumContacts Then
' They are all contacts, so use the FullArray
Control.List() = FullArray
' There's some distribution lists, so use the smaller
' ConArray to eliminate extra blank values in the list box
Dim ConArray()
ReDim ConArray(NumContacts-1,2)
For I = 0 to NumContacts - 1
ConArray(I,1) = FullArray(I,1)
ConArray(I,2) = FullArray(I,2)
Control.List() = ConArray
End If

End Sub
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