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    Trying to populate an appointment ComboBox from Excel

    Hello All. Newbie here so forgive me if this is elementary. I've done fairly well self-teaching in Outlook 2013. Here's my goal: I have created custom pages on my outlook appointment where I can track the purpose of the appointment, client, type of meeting, etc. It's all the minute details...
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    Run time error 424. object required in outlook 2013

    Hi I was trying to build a custom based form in outlook 2013. I got the tutorial on News, Tips, and Advice for Technology Professionals - TechRepublic I followed the step and was able to add a combobox to the form as well as a VB Script. But each time i run the form the combobos did populate...
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    VB script in outlook form doesn't work anymore

    I used the following script for years in a customized outlook form to populate a combo box with outlook contacts. This worked fine until a couple of months ago. Now it doesn't work anymore. Sub Item_Open() Dim FullArray() ' Sets the name of page on the form (Termindetails) Set...
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    dropdown list in new email in subject line

    Hi I am trying to build a new Outlook template - I have solved the body of the template with combobox and it works well but users want the primary title combobox to be automatically mirrored in the new email subject line. I dont want to insert a new macro button in outlook as it is difficult to...