1. H

    Synchronize contacts and calendars across multiple devices

    I have tried to solve my dilemma and have researched the internet thoroughly but I need help. I am using MS Outlook 2019. I have five (5) IMAP accounts. Two of the accounts have exact duplicates of my contact list and calendar. I am seeking advice which will result in turning off the duplicate...
  2. S

    Outlook 2016 Change how Outlook shows me contacts in emails

    For emails I have received, if any of the senders or recipients are in the global address book, Outlook displays the people in a friendly way. For example, if the email was sent by Bob M Smith and Bob M Smith is in the global, then instead of seeing "" I'll see "Smith Bob M...
  3. glnz

    Can Word Normal.dotm interfere with Outlook? Office 2016

    At work, my Outlook 2016 32-bit [on my Win 10 Pro 64-bit (v 1903)] has problems, and my IT guys say they probably stem from the custom Normal.dotm I have in Word. In Outlook, my Auto-Complete stopped working - when I start typing names in To or cc, Outlook does not complete them as it used to...
  4. G

    Add to Outlook Contacts - Point to non-default contacts folder

    Hello, I right mouse click an email address, and I have an option to Add to Outlook Contacts which points to the default Contacts folder. What if I have multiple Contacts folders, can I change the behavior of Add to Outlook Contacts so it points to the Contacts folder that I want...
  5. Fozzie Bear

    Outlook 2016 Creating a shared local Contacts folder

    I am about to migrate from Office 2010 to Office 365 with Outlook 2016. Currently I have numerous email accounts configured in Outlook 2010 including Premium(configured as exchange accounts) Free (Currently IMAP), BT Yahoo (configured IMAP) Gmail (IMAP) etc. The primary...
  6. GregS

    2016 Contact List being managed by

    Trying to build a small contact list from my main contact list in Outlook 2016 . It seems that all my contacts (for the list) are being handled by The names, titles, etc. that I picked from the Contacts menu of 2016 are all present in (not all my contacts. Just what I...
  7. K is not showing, or finding via search, all my Contacts (People)

    I have over 11,000 contacts (people) in my account (using Office 365 personal). I can see these Contacts in Outlook 2016 and when I view them on my Android phone in the native Contacts app. I can access these contacts from three different computers all using the Outlook client...
  8. R

    Using "check for duplicates" for existing contacts

    Is there a way to use Outlook's "check for duplicates" feature to compare 2 existing contacts rather than a new contact and an existing contact?
  9. B People Limits

    In >>> in People >>> what is the maximum number of contacts that People will hold? In >>> in People >>> in a single contact >>> what is the maximum number of characters (including spaces) that the Notes field will hold? I ask because I wonder if Microsoft has recently...
  10. H

    VB script in outlook form doesn't work anymore

    I used the following script for years in a customized outlook form to populate a combo box with outlook contacts. This worked fine until a couple of months ago. Now it doesn't work anymore. Sub Item_Open() Dim FullArray() ' Sets the name of page on the form (Termindetails) Set...
  11. T

    Have Outlook 2016 suggest email address auto complete entries directly from the user's contacts list

    How can we make it so that every time that a user types the first few characters of a user's name or email address within the address bar Outlook 2016 will automatically search the user's Outlook contacts and then suggest email address auto complete entries based upon the user's Outlook...
  12. N

    Error 0x80090326 when trying to setup IMAP account on

    Dear Diane I use Office 365 Home with both a gmail and and an IMAP e-mail account. Both accounts have been setup on OutIook365 and my gmail and IMAP account e-mails are syncing on my laptop and Android phone (i have the Outlook app loaded on my phone). However my gmail calendar appointments...
  13. E

    Distribution lists

    Hi, I hope that someone can help. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but I have imported a few distribution lists from colleagues and want the individuals to appear in my contacts list. I can't search for a person who I know is in a list as they do not appear. Is there an easy way to do this...
  14. R

    Outlook add-in to create new contact from an email.

    I used to use Gwabbit but it's not compatible with OL2016. Any suggestions for 3rd party solutions to quickly and easily add a new contact to OL2016? I've tried and eliminated Copy2Contact, AddressGrabber and signature2contacts.
  15. R

    VBA to manage incoming mail

    Hi, I'm new to this, and googled everything I possibly could, but was unable to find what I need. I'm getting too many spams, so had an idea of how to minimize the problem, but have no idea if a code for this already exists or if anybody could help me build a VBA code. The idea is to setup a...
  16. O

    :Managing contacts in Outlook 2016

    1) Is there a way to make Phone the default format for all contact lists in Outlook 2016? 2) Is there any way to tag or characterize contacts when I'm set up for IMAP? If not, how do I convert back to POP3 without losing any info? 3) Is there a way to automatically date new contacts as...
  17. E

    365 Outlook changed from POP3 to IMAP,all contacts lost

    In an effort to access all email accounts via all devices (W10 PC + Laptop plus Android phone + tablet), I changed all from POP3 to IMAP. Now it seems all my contacts are gone! Disastrous for my small 15 year old business. Where have I gone wrong? TIA, Eileen
  18. O

    Outlook 2016 contact issues

    I recently switched from Outlook 2003 to outlook 2016. Not entirely an improvement! 1) I tend to have only one or two contacts per company. But the Telephone List contacts format (which I prefer) adds a header for each company, which wastes a lot of space. How can I defeat this? 2) For that...
  19. Diane Poremsky

    Batch Import Photos into Outlook Contacts

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  20. Diane Poremsky

    Export (Save) Outlook Contact photos

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