Outlook.com is not showing, or finding via search, all my Contacts (People)

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I have over 11,000 contacts (people) in my Outlook.com account (using Office 365 personal). I can see these Contacts in Outlook 2016 and when I view them on my Android phone in the native Contacts app. I can access these contacts from three different computers all using the Outlook client.

However, when I view People in Outlook.com, I not only can't see all my contacts, they don't even come up when I search for them. Only a subset of the contacts show up on Outlook.com. I add new contacts and they show up and sync to Outlook 2016 clients, and my phone and tablet (both Android).

What is happening on the back end?
Is the account on an Exchange server and without OWA, the Outlook.com web pages are not able to access all the data?
What is the fix to get all the contacts both viewable and searchable?

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