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Hi - Any guidance/assistance would be really welcome
I am new to using within Outlook 365 - so am still learning
In essence, I have established as an Exchange in Outlook (then copying calendars, tasks and contacts across from Outlook 365 on a win10 pc) - this so that I can access contacts, calendar, tasks/reminders and email when away from the win10 pc - using an iPhone. Works great! and syncs fine
To avoid seeing a duplicate calendar and tasks and contacts entries on the win10 pc - I have only selected to view the account calendar, tasks and contacts on the pc
The problem is - obviously the Outlook 365 calendar still has the appointments and reminders data within (even if not viewed on a daily basis) - so when a reminder is due - it appears twice on the win10 pc (one from data and the other from the hidden outlook 365 data - I suspect)
Is there anyway of stopping the Outlook 365 appointment and other reminders showing on the win10 pc???? [or is it now that the data is held in to simply delete the Outlook 365 data and as such rely on with at the PC or away on mobile devices]
Any guidance/steerage would be really welcome
Thanks in anticipation
Kind regards
Alan G
or is it now that the data is held in to simply delete the Outlook 365 data and as such rely on with at the PC or away on mobile device
once you are sure everything is synced over, delete the events on the calendar that is not syncing.

The other option is to use a list view and remove the reminders. If the reminder field is in the view and in-cell editing is enabled, you can click through it to turn them off. You also might be able to group by the field and drag everything to the No Reminder group.
Hi Diane - Many thanks - and really helpful/prompt response - very much appreciated.
I note from researching another querk/issue that I have identified as a "new" iPhone user regarding Notes within iPhone Contacts [which sync from] (I have recently migrated from being a being a long standing Blackberry (and more recently Android/Blackberry) user)
I have noticed that during the sync process between and iPhone contacts that within contacts you lose the internet/email hyperlinks in the end result in iPhone contacts' notes [something that was previously discussed by yourself and others in the forum back in 2016 -

How Prevent Re-Formatting of Contact Notes Field When Syncing​

I was wondering whether there was ever a solution or work around to this issue? Thanks in anticipation for your time and attention and associated advice/guidance on this - same being gratefully appreciated
Kind regards
Alan G
There is no solution - apple only supports plain text when syncing with outlook.
There is no solution - apple only supports plain text when syncing with outlook.
Argh! unfortunate - thanks for the very speedy response though - really appreciated! Just one additional query then, if you don't mind, are you aware of any third party app/programme/interface (which could stand between and iPhone and provide a bridging sync (so to speak) which in itself could bring the Contact Notes formatting to/fro? - as I say just wondering?
Thanks again
Wishing you a good rets of the week/forthcoming short weekend break
Kind regards
Alan G
No, I'm not aware of anything like that. I'm not even sure its possible because it would need to run on the office 365 servers or on the phone.
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