Why Doesn't some Incoming Gmail Doesn't Appear In Outlook?

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Most of the time, it works fine. But I've noticed that when I can't find in Outlook an email that I'm expecting to receive, I can locate it by opening up my Google Gmail account directly. This seems to happen most frequently when I'm looking for a response to an email that I previously sent.

This appears to be an intermittent problem, but it's frustrating. If I set up something in Outlook incorrectly, I wouldn't receive any Gmail. But since most of it does arrive, I can't understand where I'm going wrong. Should I set up Gmail in Outlook as a MAPI account or is there something I need to change in my Gmail settings?

Thanks in advance for any help that you can give me with solving this problem.
The only way you can use gmail in outlook as a mapi account if you have an paid google account.

is it in the google inbox or does it have a label? Did you do a send /receive or refresh the folder in outlook?

Gmail's IMAP integration is goofy - pop is better but changes won't sync back to the gmail box.
Thanks for your reply, Diane. In response to your questions, the email messages that I am missing in Outlook appear in their entirety in Google. I frequently click the "Send/Receive All Folders" button in Outlook.

When I click the "Send/Receive All Folders" button, Outlook receives quite a few pieces of email through my gmail account. But it doesn't receive all of them. I learn about the missing piece either when I look directly on my gmail page online or when somebody re-sends their email to me due to my non-response to their original note.

I just learned in Outlook 2010 (unlike Outlook 2007) that in order to change to MAPI from POP3 format, I'd have to delete the account and then re-establish it. That may create a problem for my large volume of unopened mail. I can also set up Microsoft Exchange online. Even though that's inexpensive, I'm not pleased that this may be the only way I can rely on Outlook to receive all of my gmail. Do you have any other suggestions?
As an FYI, outlook 2007 required a new account to convert between account types too.

I'm not sure why Outlook is not downloading all the mail - unless it is, but its being put in the junk folder and you don't see it. Or its just part of gmail's goofiness - it doesn't use the standard imap protocol.

Before switching to pop3, test it - set up a pop3 account and see if it gets anything the imap account does't. You can configure gmail ot use both pop3 and imap and set pop3 to download only new mail.
Oh, I didn't realize that I'd have to open a new account in Outlook 2007 also.

No, the lost mail isn't going into the junk folder. I'm receiving some mail and not receiving other pieces from the same people from the same email addresses.

I'm already using POP3. I'm considering switching to MAPI or IMAP to increase the reliability and consistency of my mail deliveries.
I wouldn't say 'open' but you do need to create a new account in outlook- you can't go into the settings and change it between pop and imap.

Sorry about that - it also explains why i don't see any complaints from others: most people use imap. Gmail hacked their own 'custom rolled' servers to make pop3 and imap available - they are not standard imap or pop3 servers like everyone else uses. IMAP seems ok and i haven't noticed any missing mail - the goofyiness is with labels and imap, oh, and the sent folder.

I would add the other account type to outlook - keeping the original one - then compare the mail that each account downloads. See if IMAP pulls down more than pop3. This might help you identify the problem.
Thanks, Diane.

Good idea. I didn't realize that I could receive IMAP and POP3 email at the same time. I thought that I had to choose one or another. I'm going to add a mapi account right now. If that works out better than POP3, I assume that the only thing I must beware of before I delete the POP3 account is that I'll lose all POP3 mail that I haven't opened yet. Is that correct?


You won't "lose" them - or shouldn't. Gmail should keep the mail online or archive it, but just incase your settings are weird, make sure you have outlook set to leave on server - in outlook 2007, tools, Account settings, double click on the POP3 account and then More Settings - look on the Advanced tab for the leave on server settings. You can make this change at the time you set up the account too.
Update: I switched to IMAP and I'm now seeing EVERY email that comes in. That's great and I thank you, Diane. Now I have a new problem. When I send out mail via IMAP settings, it gets sent. And I know that it's being delivered too. I have to go to my online Gmail account to confirm that it's been sent though, because I can't find the email in Outlook without doing a search of the recipient's name. I then see the recipient's name and confirmation that the email was sent, but I can't find the email that I sent in any folder listed on the left column where Outlook folders are identified. Where am I going wrong here?
This is outlook 2007... go to tools, account settings, double click on the account and then click More Settings. What are your settings on the Folder tab?
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