1. A

    Forward mails with "FW:" or "RE:" in title

    So after a bit of research I've come to the conclusion that Outlook has a sort of built-in protection that prevents automatically forwarding mails that come with a "FW:" or "RE:" in the title. Probably to prevent mail storms or something. Is there a way to disable this security feature? I...
  2. CWM330

    This rule has a condition that the server cannot process?

    Hi, I am setting up rules for the first time for my Fastmail IMAP account in Outlook 365 For every rule I have set up: From is: XXX@XXX.COM MOVE TO: XXX Stop Processing filters But, every time I edit my filters I get a warning message saying " This rule has a condition that the server...
  3. N

    Outlook 2021 'Run Script" Rules?

    [BTW -- I'm sure it is already known that Office 2021 is not an option in the account sign-up, so I lied and picked 2019] Is there any way to have an Outlook 2021 rule run a script? I've found many examples of doing this, but it appears that the ability to have rules activate scripts was...
  4. Aussie

    Rules Run a Script on an Incoming Email OK and then the Email reverts

    Hi all. I am looking for an idea/direction on how to correct a bug in my Outlook rule operation. The rule operation is intermittent … but usually fails nowadays. The rule has been running reliably for years. I run a rule after messages arrive, that checks the subject, and if it matches, the...
  5. G

    Alerting on missed emails in conversation

    tl;dr In case I get a second email in a conversation from the same person before I replied, I would like to color it pink and make the font bigger so I know I need to reply to it. Any recommendation on how to do it? Background We have a bad email culture at work, everyone CCs managers, sends...
  6. A

    Going to folder using shortcuts

    I have created 50+ folders and rules for incoming emails. I have a search for all unread emails. Does outlook have a shortcut so you can go to the folder of the email in your search? Let me reword this. My search I have an email and it's in a folder called "Dog". Can use shortcut Ctrl+??? and I...
  7. M

    Rules and autoreply

    The Outlook rules wizard allows you to set an exception condition in a rule "Except if it is an automatic reply". Can anyone tell me what text, subject, category etc will trigger a message as an automatic reply. Is it just an outlook Out of Office Reply header or is there something more...
  8. N

    Copies of emails from rules have wrong from: account

    I have a lot of rules to create a copy of emails I send in a folder dedicated to the recipient. For example, I might have a rule that puts a copy of every email sent to in "julie's folder." My primary email account where I send and receive is gmail, but my store of folders for...
  9. Peter H Williams

    Enable script containing VBA

  10. R

    When rules lose track of "specified folder"

    I'm wondering if you might know why Outlook 2016 upon startup will very occasionally these days (once or twice a month, with C2R builds over the last several months) balk about a rules issue. It invariably turns out to be that it no longer knows where local mail folders are in a set of local...
  11. D

    How to handle filing of emails from an Inbox Subfolder to a specific Public folder

    Environment is Office 365/Outlook 2016: My client has recently noticed that when they go to manually move multiple emails from their Outlook inbox to a "project specific" Public Folder it hangs Outlook until the move process is completed. The more emails they select to move, the longer the user...
  12. A

    rules (flags) not working

    I had to reinstall Outlook 2016 and my rules that flag messages stopped working. I had the same problem when I first installed Outlook and asked this question on this forum. I discovered a solution myself at that time: do a scan and fix of the pst file. But this time this does not work. Well...
  13. Bri the Tech Guy

    Run Script rule not running for newly arriving messages

    Hello All, First a bit shout out for Diane Poremsky, who's assisted me extensively to get me to this point. A bit of background, just so you have it. I have a visually-impaired client who does freelance medical translation work where job offers come to him, and a variety of other...
  14. J

    Assess content of User Defined Field in Rule

    Dear Outlook Experts, Is it possible to access and asses the content of a User Defined Field when creating/editing an Outlook Rule? I have a third party integration that creates many email items, placing them into a dedicated inbox. The external system populates certain useful data into User...
  15. A

    rule to flag messages not working

    Hi, I recently started using Outlook 2016. (I had been using 2003 up till now). I want every message that comes in to be flagged for follow up. I created rules that flags messages from each of my accounts to be flagged. Now the weirdest thing is that it works sometimes, and not at other times...
  16. J

    Outlook Rules - Changing auto-submit address in multiple rules, according to rule name

    Hello everyone, I am trying to change some rules in outlook, as I have more than 300 rules and would like to change the routing for a given email to a group depending on the name of the rule. I tried to make an adaptation in the code of the list of rules and Sort Rules, but still I could not...
  17. Diane Poremsky

    Autoaccept a Meeting Request using Rules

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  18. Gunny NFOhiway

    Outlook PST file and Rules

    I would like to split the main PST file in Outlook 2016, as it is 7 GB in size. If I split it into 2 PST files (let's call them outlook.pst and vb.pst) and have both loaded in Outlook, will the existing rules still function and place emails in their corresponding folders? Or, must I set up new...
  19. M

    Outlook 2016 Rules Not Working Automatically

    I built a new rule in Outlook.Com to place email in a folder if certain conditions were met. I'm running a Microsoft Exchange account. I see that migrates the rule to Outlook 2016 desktop. The rule isn't working when mail arrives either at the server or desktop; however, I can go...
  20. Diane Poremsky

    Mark Sent Items as Read After Copying with a Rule

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