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  1. X

    Open Hyperlinks in an Outlook Email Message (Help with Diane's solution)

    I am trying to use Diane's solution but I am stuck. I am trying to use your "Open a specific hyperlink" code. Can you let me know if the only thing I need to change is the .Pattern = "View this thread <(.*)>" part of the code? For example if I want to only click a link with the words "Claim...
  2. Z

    VBA Forward vs manual forward

    Hi all, I am trying to find position of certain words in email body (Hi, Hello, Good morning, Kind regards). For 70% of received emails it works fine, but for some emails it does not recognize these words. If I manually forward email to me and then do a search, it finds them, but if I forward...
  3. J

    Macro to Insert a Calendar

    I'm wanting to automatic the process of inserting my Availability calendar into an email. I've refined the process down to the following commands, but don't know how to create a Marco/Script for Outlook to automate the process. My process of inserting a calendar into an email: <Alt> hn <Alt>...
  4. F

    VBA to move email from Non Default folder to Sub folders as per details given in excel file

    I would request you all VBA champs to help me out with a VBA code for outlook email bifurcations. I need VBA code which I can run on particular folder on outlook by every end of the day for all emails received for the day. This Code should pick up email id from the excel file which will have...
  5. L

    Macro to add Date & Time etc to "drag to save" e-mails

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone could help with this... I recently found a macro online that will save my e-mails to a folder and add the date, time, sender, recipient and subject to each email as it saves it. This in itself is really helpful but would really save extra time if it was possible...
  6. Healy Consultants

    Macro to remove inside organization distribution list email address when reply to all recepients

    Problem: We want to remove a distribution list email address (inside organisation address) from the cc list when using reply all macro. Background: Assume there are 2 accounts within the organisation - account A, account B. We have a distribution list that forwards emails from external senders...
  7. R

    Macro to copy email to excel - Runtime Error 91 Object Variable Not Set

    This macro is exactly what I am need, but it produces a run-time error '91': Object variable or With block variable not set The error occurs on line sText = olItem.body I am new to VBA for Outlook and do not know how to correct the error. Thanks for any help provided.