How to find or recover Lost e-mails within a folder under Inbox?

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How can I restore lost e-mail for a user who does not know what has happened to his e-mails under a folder that he had in his inbox?
He is using Outlook2007 and connect to Exchange 2003 (use cache feature of outlook)
The lost e-mail is not in his deleted folder.
I created his profile on another PC and the folder is empty.
If I have to use "Recovery Storage Group in Exchange 2003 MS Article ID:824126" I must say I have created "Recover Storage Group" and I am lost to continue.

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Did you look in Deleted Items Recovery bin? If it's not there and if the contents were not moved to another folder, then you would need to recover from a database, which is easier if you know for sure when he last had them.

You can look in the recovery folder in either outlook or owa - there should be a command to recover deleted items on one of the menus (I forget where it is in Outlook 2007) or in OWA you can add cmd=showdeleted to the url after logging in.
If DumpsterAlwaysOn is set, you can view the recovery dialog while in the empty folder and see only the items from that folder (assuming they are in the dumpster).
Are Deleted Items gone forever in Outlook?

Did you add the backup database to the Recovery group?
Create the group with a new name and new location for the logs, add the database and mount then use exmerge to export the users mailbox to a pst it. Copy the pst to the users computer and open it, verify the missing mail is there. Either copy it over or use exmerge to import it. (For one folder, copy is easier.)


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There are a couple of possibilities. First, he may have accidentally moved it to another folder. But I assume that you've already searched for it. Second, have you checked the Recover Deleted Items function from the tools menu item. If you have not, highlight the Deleted items folder and then choose the Recover Deleted Items from the tools menu. A third possibility is that he hard deleted the message by deleting it with the SHIFT key pressed. These items will not show up in the deleted items folder or be available normally from the Recover Deleted Items function. However, there is a registry hack that will reveal Deleted items, even hard deleted ones in other folders. As always be careful when editing the registry.

Go to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Exchange\Client\Options. On the Edit menu add a DWORD value called DumpsterAlways On and give it a value of 1. Quit the Registry editor. Restart Outlook if it's open and go to the folder where the email was supposed to be, highlight it and do the Recover Deleted Items and it will show any hard deleted items that lived in that folder.
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