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I'm reinstalling Windows 7 for a friend, so I've been looking through her Outlook 2010 to see what she has there before I reinstall.

On the data files tab, the default data file is only 4 KB in size, and is located in AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent folder. It appears in the folder list in Outlook, but only has some Sent Items in it.

The other data file shown is in Docs, and it is 11 GB. This what I am used to seeing, has her Inbox, etc.

It seems odd that the 4 KB file is the default data file. What is the default data file generally used for? At only 4 KB this file can't have much data. Isn't the default file the one that generally holds the Contacts? She has lots of Contacts and Suggested Contacts, hard to believe they are in here.

Also on the Data Files tab I see a file called Internet Calendar Subscriptions. It is located in AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook and is 513 KB. I thought this is only for web based calenders, but I do not see any shown in the Navigation Pane in the Calendar, even though the file has today's date on it, so it must be at least trying to update, but I cannot see what it would need to update. And am I correct in assuming that her personal calendar is not included in this?


Also, in general, should I try to either re-use or import data from these Internet Calendar files when moving Outlook to a new computer? Thanks
4KB? The minimum size is 256KB, 513KB depending on the file type. (They are a bit larger in Outlook 2013). I'm not sure what it is, but its not a valid pst file. Are you showing the file extension?

internet Calendar is for web based calendars - and that file is likely empty. It's read only and if you delete it, outlook will recreate it, if the subscription still exists in Outlook.

The personal calendar *should* be in the 11 GB file in docs.

What type of email account does she have? If POP3, everything should be in the pst in docs. Even so, with IMAP or Outlook.com, outlook will create a new data file if necessary.
OK thanks for the info. Yes it has a .pst extension, and it is only 4 KB. I am hesitant to even open it in the newly installed Outlook. And they are POP3 accounts. Thanks.
Opening it shouldn't be a problem, it will either open or not. Use File > Open > Outlook Data File and see what happens.
You were right, those files would not open.Thanks
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