"on behalf of..." not showing on Sent e-mail copy, but is on Delivered copy

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I've been reading the search topics of "on behalf of" and haven't spotted this problem. If already answered before, I apologize for the oversight.

I'm using Outlook 2007 SP2. POP/SMTP account. Have been using Outlook since its inception. Also, didn't have this problem with OL2003.

I use "on behalf of..." differently than I've seen in the other forum entries on this topic, in that I don't want to use another user's account, just include the other person's em address on the outgoing em, such that it appears in parens following my em address. I can do that in OL 2007, and the recipients see what I intend. The PROBLEM is that my file copy only shows my name and em address, discarding the "on behalf of..." suffix that was delivered to recipients. Pre-OL2007, this was not a problem and file copies retained the text of both em addresses (as would be expected).

This problem isn't a show-stopper, but causes me to have to check the outgoing product occasionally because the immediate feedback isn't present in sent copies. These em(s) are business related, and therein lies the problem because if I have to use my file copy to say something was sent by the "on behalf of" person, then I don't have file copy supporting evidence.

How can I force OL 2007 to retain the "on behalf of..." information on the file-copy retained by OL?

I verify that the recipient copy contains the full em From line by sending to myself via non-related addresses. And, when recipients reply, I get two copies back (1 to my address, and 1 to the on behalf of address).

Re: "on behalf of..." not showing on Sent e-mail copy, but is on Delivered cop

Hmmm. You're right. I see no evidence that the message was sent on behalf of the other address. I don't think you can force it to save it but it might be possible to do something to id the messages using VBA. Do you always send on behalf of the same addresses?
Re: "on behalf of..." not showing on Sent e-mail copy, but is on Delivered cop

Hmmm. You're right. I see no evidence that the message was sent on behalf of the other address. I don't think you can force it to save it but it might be possible to do something to id the messages using VBA. Do you always send on behalf of the same addresses?

Yes, I always send on behalf of the same address. I believe that choice to be tied to the "Other User"..."Reply-To" address that one specifies in em account settings; it should work the same for any em address selected, but tethered to modifying the em account settings whenever a different address is used. Hmmmm, this may open a misuse-of em can-of-worms, but at least the generated ems contain both addressees. Seems like this shortfall, maybe for only me, is another casualty of birth. I miss this inability, almost as much as printer omissions. Since it's part of the text string, it seems that OL2007 has to intentionally do something extra for it not to be saved with the outgoing file copy. One would think that the software engineer trimmed-the-code-fat for an improvement, but in this case, I'd say that code had to be added to cause this tidbit's demise.
Re: "on behalf of..." not showing on Sent e-mail copy, but is on Delivered cop

Although my follow-on response above works, not all recipients are happy because everything goes out with the "Reply-To..." address affixed to their replies to me, whether it's business or not. Everything comes to me, but it isn't a clean understanding for non-business receivers. My new 1st best solution may prove satisfactory because OL2007 doesn't worry about which account I'm using in the current OL session. Thus, I added a new account, but named the new one to be for business purposes. The problem is that I have to be cognizant of "who I want to be" when creating or replying or forwarding mail. I select the account I want to use, and for the business one, put the business address in the "Reply-To" account field. In this selection, outgoing mail has the business name, but the common address showing, but replies use the business address. To do my personal stuff, I just change the accounts (really the same one), and continue on without having to close OL2007. Yes, it's still a pain, compared to OL2003 -- not sure if it's really better yet, but it's another option. Plus, the file copy shows the correct name for who sent it.
I think you could do this using vba to save a step or two. I'm on the road and will look at it when I get a chance.
Re: "on behalf of..." not showing on Sent e-mail copy, but is on Delivered cop

The macro at Choose the account to send a reply from - Slipstick Systems can be used to create a toolbar or ribbon button to set the reply account - or Macros to send message using the default account or a specific account - Slipstick Systems to always use a specific account for new messages. These macros can save you a couple of clicks and if you create buttons for these macros beside the standard new mail / reply buttons, you'll remember to use them.
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