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Hi all,

(Using Outlook 2013)

We have a group mailbox that receives 500-1500 emails on any given business day with only 4-5 people viewing and responding.

Due to the high volumes, I am trying to implement some structure.

We have a macro that allows us to "take" emails from the inbox by creating a user-specific subfolder within the main mailbox, thus effectively clearing them from the queue.

The issue now is that, when responding from the mailbox, we want the individual user to respond with their user specific email. In this way, when they "take" and email and respond, we want the subsequent emails to go to the user specific address instead of directly back to the group.

The process is:

External email (from → Addressed to

LSsym user ( "takes" email → replies to all keeping both and group@LSsym on copy BUT reply is sent as

Subsequent emails go to both personal inbox and inbox

Things I have tried:

-Changing the delegate settings to Send As or Send on Behalf → still sends as group mailbox without the user on copy

-Running a macro that defaults the from address to a defined address in the VB → the draft of the email has the correct from address but after send has been clicked, it reverts back to the group mailbox and is sent as that.

-Running a macro that always puts the individual user on copy → is temperamental and only works 75% of the time, also not an ideal solution as it duplicates user on every email

I know you can select the the from address on each message but when responding to so many emails this becomes a burden.

Is there a work around for this? Ie - Outlook defaults the user on all inboxes (personal and group) to the individual user rather than the group.

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