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I'm in need of some help solving a headache at the company I work for.

Our clients have multiple service providers, my company being one of them. They often send process change requests and general announcements to all of their service providers at once, blind copying the recipients.
We've never been able to get our clients to send all announcements to the same email address, although most do, which, in my company is a client services distribution group.

Because there's little confidence that the clients are sending to one distribution group in my company, combined with the bcc'ing of all recipients, we end up with the headache of several folks who received the bcc email forwarding the same email to the distribution group, just to be sure that it ended up in the correct place. This causes quite the headache and creates so much unnecessary noise.
I've been told that we are not going to look to replacing the distribution group with a shared email, which would solve the issue, but introduces the headache of users deleting things that others need to see (pesky humans! :) ).
So, I'm curious - what solutions could be possible to help us stop the annoyance and inefficiency of the same email being forwarded to the distribution group 15 times? If we were able to see only the bcc's from within our organization, then folks could look before fwding, but I've not found anything that hints at this possibility.

How have some of you resolved this, what I would assume is a common, problem in your companies?

one option is to set it to a moderated list and only a handful of people can approve the messages. This is likely to get old fast though... especially if the list is busy or you use it to discuss the client issues. I don't think you can allow external users to post freely and moderate internal users, which could make moderation less annoying.

A shared mailbox or mail-enabled public folder would work better - rather than giving everyone full access or owner rights, everyone can have create rights but only a few are given delete rights. Users would open the Inbox using Open other users folder. If 15 people forward the same message, one of the owners can delete the extras.
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