How to disable bcc option in GAL - Address Book - Exchange 2007

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We have a requirement to disable the bcc option from both Outlook form and address book . We managed to disable in outlook form through GP ADM templates however we are not able to disable bcc option displayed in Address Book (GAL).

We are using Exchnage 2007 SP2 on Windows 2008 OS. All clients are MAPI-Outlook 2007.

Kindly help to get the solution.

Regards Mahesh
Based on my research, the BCC option cannot be disabled on Exchange server side. It is an Office Outlook feature which can only be modified on Outlook client side. You can refer to the following article to troubleshoot the issue.

Meanwhile, since we only discuss the Exchange issue on the pure Exchange product environment in this forum, I suggest you create a new thread in the Office Outlook forum. Thank you for your understanding.

For your reference, I have enclosed the Office Outlook forum link below:


Setting Policies in an Active Directory network environment

Once you've installed the Office Resource Kit of your version you can control the policies via Group Policy Management Editor (GPMC).
Windows XP users can download it here .
Windows Vista users can download it here .
Windows 7 users can download it here .
Open the GPMC through Control panel-> Administrative Tools-> Group Policy Management In the left column browse to the folder Group Policy Objects and select the Policy you wish to enforce Outlook policies on
The Group Policy Management Console on Windows XP.
(click on image to enlarge) Right click the Policy and choose Edit… When you use Windows Vista or Windows 7, then the policies will be loaded automatically under;
User Configuration-> Policies-> Microsoft Office Outlook version .
When you are using Windows XP then you'll have to load the templates first; In the left column of the Group Policy editor right click Administrative Templates in User Configuration and choose Add/Remove Templates… Press Add… Select the file corresponding with the installed version of the Office Resource Kit
Outlook 2000 OUTLK9.ADM Outlook 2002/XP OUTLK10.ADM Outlook 2003 OUTLK11.ADM Outlook 2007 OUTLK12.ADM Outlook 2010 OUTLK14.ADM Press Open and then Close to return to the Group Policy editor. You now will see Outlook listed and you can now enforce settings.
The Outlook 2003 policy template loaded in the Windows XP Group Policy Management Editor.
(click on image to enlarge)

Regards Shah
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