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I use Outlook 2002 on Vista. When I receive an email sent to me via BCC with the TO and CC lines blank, the email comes across as encrypted. I have to go to my gmail or my phone to read the email. If I then forward it from my gmail or phone to Outlook it comes across fine. This only happens when the To and CC lines are left blank.
Test Outlook in Safe mode - existing messages probably won't be fixed, so you'll need to check it with new messages.

To open Outlook in Safe mode: Close Outlook then hold Ctrl as you click on the Outlook icon. You'll get a message asking if you want to start in Safe mode. Click Ok.
Running Outlook in Safe Mode did not help. This problem seems to happen only when there is a picture in the email I am receiving.
Is it actually encrypted or do you see garbage characters in the message body?
I am not smart enough to know the difference. I can read some of it. Is there a way I could send you an example?
You can post a screenshot - just the first couple of lines showing the what you see should be enough or you can send me a screenshot or the message to diane at slipstick com
I emailed you an example. I appreciate your time.
All of that was in the message body? It looks like the message is corrupted at some point and outlook doesn't know what is the message header and body. Are all of the BCC messages sent from the same person and/or have attachments?

It's not really encrypted - just raw message file. I noticed one line in the header that is not right - the words between the : should be one their own lines and have data in them. This could be the cause but I can't say what caused it. Email scanning is the usual culprit, especially if the message header is corrupt.

Yes all that was in the message body. This happens with emails from at least 4 different senders; anyone that sends a bcc where the TO and CC lines are blank. I do notice that when this happens there is always a picture/image (varying sizes of fonts) of some sort in the email body. I can't recall any of the problem emails coming with an attachement.
Are they all using the same email service?
No. It even happens with emails I get from people who have gmail accounts like I do.
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