Exam 77-884: Managing Contact Module Options

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Outlook 2010 32 bit
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I'm preparing for exam 77-884 MS Outlook 2010.

in the study guide I met this sentence and can't make it out:

Managing Contact Module Options

"In Business Card view and Card view, Outlook displays a Roman (123, abc) alphanumericindex at the right side of the content pane that you can use to quickly move to contact

records beginning with a specific number or letter. If your address book contains entries

in other alphabets, you can display a second index."

Please explain what it means?
If you used either of the views that supports that rolodex-like index, you'd probably understand. :) You won't see it in a list view - only Card (all versions) or Business Card (2007/2010/2013)

The two highlighted views will have the index (which i probably should have highlighted, but didn't.)


(As an FYI, in 2013, it's on the left side. )
Dear Diane,

Thank you for the explanation :) .

Yes, I tried to see it in a list views and failed.
With Outlook 2010 contacts I select both "Business Card" and "Card" views, yet the only visible data for all my contacts' is their email addresses. I used to be able to see the person's name in highlighted header, as well as street address, phone and email address on each card without clicking/opening the card. I don't know how I lost that view, but I cannot get it back.

Also, unbeknownst to me, I have acquired six calendars ! New entries appear randomly among the files. I want only one calendar to which all new entries are posted. I have tediously moved all the entries from the several calendars to one calendar but have been unable to deletethe unwanted, now empty, calendars. Can't that be done some how?
You have one POP3 account in the profile or more, like maybe 3 - 6 total? (Hotmail/outlook.com adds up to 3)

For the card view, reset the View. (View ribbon, reset). If you open the contacts do the business cards display the expected information?
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