First post -help with managing two calendars Outlook 2010 /Exchange 2010

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Hi all, I have an issue I need help with and I've decided to make my first post to get help !

I have a small company that I support and they use Outlook 2010 / Exchange 2010. The directors have two Exchange mailboxes each ( on the same server ) as they receive mail for two different companies. One of the directors can see appointments for both calendars within one calendar in Outlook and he receives conflict alerts etc for meetings if they clash with either calendar. The other director, however, can only see both calendars side by side and if an appointment is made in either he does not receive a confilct if the other calendar is busy etc.

Outlook is set with both email accounts visible for each user, they have full access permissions on the server to the mailboxes etc but I cannot see why one director is unable to 'merge' both calendars into one view. These calendars /mailboxes are live and need to be managed on a day by day basis -surely it can't be too hard for a calendar to 'know' when the other calendar has an appointment already booked in it ??

I don't know if this makes amy difference but the director who has the setup they we he wants it seems to have the second email account set as personal ( or public ?? ) folder - all the sub folders of the mailbox have two-way blue arrows on them and there is only a data file associated with the account. The mailbox can still receive emails fine.

Any help would be most welcome, it's driving me nuts !
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