"Post" icon on some contacts

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Wade Campbell

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Outlook 2016 64 bit
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I have also noticed that a few of my contact items have a "Post" icon instead of the normal "Contact" icon. Other forums suggest that this is due to a different or incorrect 'message class'; however, I have checked the message class and it is the same as all the contact items that have the "Contact" icon.

I do not have journaling turned on.

Why is this, and is it an indication of a problem that requires fixing?
Are you using a custom form? It's normal to have the post icon when you use a custom form (it's the default icon for all custom forms and many people don't bother to change it.)

If you use a custom form, then it's definitely nothing that needs fixed. If you aren't using a custom form and everything else is working ok, i wouldn't worry about it.
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