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    Outlook 2016: reply icon not showing when replied from mobile

    Hello Using Outlook 2016 (Win10) with 1 Outlook.com account (still waiting to be moved across) and 2 GSuite (aka Google Apps for Work) accounts. When i reply, forward etc from Outlook, the icon of said action shows up nicely. However, when i reply/forward from my iOS devices (Mac/iPad/iPhone)...
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    "Post" icon on some contacts

    I have also noticed that a few of my contact items have a "Post" icon instead of the normal "Contact" icon. Other forums suggest that this is due to a different or incorrect 'message class'; however, I have checked the message class and it is the same as all the contact items that have the...
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    What happen to the little grey icons at the bottom

    I'm missing the little grey icons for Mail, Calendar, People, Tasks at the left bottom of all of the views. I had some success by going to View/Folder Pane/Options and unchecking Compact Navigation. At least I got some words (Mail, Calendar, People, Task). Clicking on Mail and Calendar gives me...